Hi, I’m Nick. A self-made and taught real estate entrepreneur that has continually found ways to create new opportunities to make passive income through strategic real estate investing. I come from humble beginnings, growing up in a small town in Maine where dreams are easily pushed aside.

I could feel myself being counted out at a young age because my mentality differed from those around me. I found myself struggling to get through high school. I have always envisioned myself creating and living a lifestyle that contradicts that status quo. I was and never will be ok with following the predetermined path that so many of us are forced to travel. Luckily, I trusted my entrepreneurial mindset which has guided me to become person I am today. This internal feeling steered me away from college and pushed me to start my very first business two months after graduating from high school selling aftermarket car parts.

This initial leap into business was a monetary failure but the business lessons I learned proved to be invaluable. My greatest takeaway from this point in my life was understanding that I held the power within myself to take that ultimate leap, to start a business on my own.

I have always been intrigued by real estate. This fascination quickly became an obsession resulting in me devouring any real estate book that I could find. I decided to dive in and work for a building contractor at the age of 19 to better understand the business and get real life hands on experience. Being in the field only enhanced my passion for the business and allowed me to build homes for developers who I admired. This admiration stemmed from their ability to live a freedom based lifestyle. This is something I foresaw for myself but was unsure on how to achieve it. At that moment I knew that I could reach my ultimate lifestyle by pushing myself to becoming the greatest real estate investor I could be.

Two years later after proving myself and demonstrating I had the work ethic and what it took, I got a small loan and partnered on a deal with the building contractor I was working for to build my first spec home. Not too long after that I knew I had to go for it. My entrepreneurial mindset kicked in and at 21 and I embarked on my own real estate career launching Nick Estes Development. With little money or resources at the time I took on ANY small odd jobs to scrape together enough money to pay the bills and reinvest into my company. My work ethic and sheer passion to better my life would not let me fail. I did whatever it took and sacrificed whatever I had to grow my company.

When the economy crashed in 2007 my entrepreneurial drive kicked in again. I purchased a dump truck, painted it LIME GREEN so everyone would see it and started a junk removal company to add a second stream of steady cash flow to the real estate company. Using my perseverance and strategic thinking I was able to grow the debris removal company to one of the largest in the state. Not too long after with continued hustle and commitment my real estate business started taking off! I knew I could not pursue both based on my resources at that time. I knew that investing my full time into my real estate company would have a larger long term positive impact on my life while getting me to the ultimate lifestyle I was striving for. So I decided to focus on my true passion and truly invest and grow the real estate company.

Over a decade ago I entered into this industry at the very bottom. I made it my complete mission to grow the company I dreamt of, through strong perseverance, ups and downs, continued self development, goal setting and daily rituals I have grown two premier real estate companies. One focused on flipping houses and the other centered around new home construction and spec homes.

My concentration has switched from real estate developer to investment instructor. I am fully focused on using my many years of experience to helping you achieve success. After being asked hundreds of times “how to I did it” I’ve decided to create products that deliver results. I have packaged up my most powerful life and business altering revelations that have led to my success. I now want to pass on this knowledge to you. I am beyond grateful for the experience that I have encountered that have developed my abilities. All I want to do is share the best nuggets of information with you to give you the advantage you deserve, helping you get over the hurdles so you can feel like you are actually making progress. With this momentum you will begin to realize your power. Your own positive routines will begin to recur, leading you to success.