Talking Volume

15 houses and counting! Doing this type of volume has allowed me to really focus on systemizing my approach. I am always looking for ways to refine my processes to maximize each system that we have worked to set in place. From the overall purchasing of materials to the marketing behind each build my goal [...]

What Type Of Financing Is Right For You?!

You ask I answer! I have been getting a ton of question around financing recently so I wanted to discuss your primary three options. If you have any followup questions please let me know!

How To Meet An Investor

This weeks episode covers 5 questions asked by you! Learn more about how to break into the real estate market, how to meet investors and the benefits of building specs homes plus more more!

Getting Started As A Real Estate Developer

Every week I will be answering 5 real estate questions that have been asked on my social media accounts! This week we have 5 questions geared towards how to get started in real estate. I look forward to answering your real estate questions

How I Became A Real Estate Entrepreneur

I knew the 9 - 5 lifestyle wasn't for me. Entrepreneurship was not something I could disregard. I knew I HAD to go for it. Listen to learn how I got started in real estate and what past endeavors and experiences have helped me preliminary success!


Tons of projects going on right now. Flip, specs and condo conversions. The team and I are on overtime to get hit deadlines and keep things rolling.

A Day In The Life

Are you interested in investing in Real Estate? Check out what a day in the life looks like as a real estate entrepreneur!

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  • 10 Step To Wholesaling

10 Steps To Wholesaling Your First House | The Beginner’s Guide

August 1st, 2018|0 Comments

Today's video is all about wholesaling houses. This is my simple ten-step guide to wholesaling your first home. I put together this video because so many people ask me how to get started! 

  • How To Find Home Values

Three Ways To Find Undervalued Properties In 2018 | Beginner’s Guide

August 1st, 2018|0 Comments

In today's video, we're talking about marketing! Finding undervalued properties and motivated sellers are the most crucial part of wholesaling houses! 


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