Organizing Construction Costs

Happy Monday everyone! I hope you are all having a productive start to your week. I am just getting back from NYC and am excited to close out a few new homes in Maine this week. I wanted to put together another great home flipping resource for you all! This works in conjunction with the [...]

Buying Right

I talk about "buying right" a lot. In today's episode I wanted to further explain this concept and why it is crucial when investing in real estate.


It is CRUNCH TIME. Closing in on completing 6 homes in the next three weeks! But you know I am on the HUNT for more.

25 Videos DEEP

NUMBER 25 is LIVE. Thank you to all who have watched and shared this content! Can't wait to show you what is next.

Hello NYC

A quick weekend trip to checkout a new apartment in NYC and link up with some friends in the city!

Beam Installation

Putting up exposed beams in the Falmouth flip. This house is going to look great. Really Excited to show you the completed project.

Beam Search

On the hunt for the perfect beams! Tracking down some good looking beams for the Falmouth Flip see what I decide on.

Always Keep A Full Bar

Helping a seasonal business think about what it would take to add a home flipping division to their business model.

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Three Ways To Find Undervalued Properties In 2018 | Beginner’s Guide

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In today's video, we're talking about marketing! Finding undervalued properties and motivated sellers are the most crucial part of wholesaling houses! 


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